Sunday, March 17, 2013

World Water Day 2013 with team SG!

Awesome photo by Lois Yong 

World water day 2013 official website
Now that the World Water Day 2013 have been over, I like to share how it all happened.
We had done this before for 2 years running. This year was a bit different....  a crazy idea. Wouldn't it be cool that we have cyclists coming from different start points to Marina Barrage?  This would mean that more cyclists get to participate in this fun ride, for a good cause. To help spread water conservation awareness and also show that cycling is an ecological, fun way to move around Singapore.
I was glad to have the support from LCSG, PNR, Cycle-Kakis and Westie Warriors to help make it happen.  Each of the team to take a route. Mainly using PCN to reach the end point at Marina Barrage.  The planning and logistics took almost 5 months, with the leads and helpers recce-ing/cycling the route numerous times. All so that on the final day,every rider could have the best cycling experience possible.  It all looks so very effortless but I can assure you that it was not easy. Because of the tireless efforts of a few good men who made that super human efforts. Thank you guys!
Move out @ Bishan PCN
The heroes are who made it happen are
Lovecyclingsg: Francis Chu and Steven Tang (with LCSG angels)
Punggol Night Rider: Dean Tan and Ho Keng Yong (with PNR angels)
Cycle Kakis: Allen Chew and his team
Westie Warriors: Louis  Lee and Darren Siow (and their team)
PUB side: Kit Yap was our go-to man and got my most nagging
From Left, Allen, Dean, Francis, Louis and myself. For riders by riders!
I went with George (Encik) on the Bishan route to help out Francis and Steven as it was technically the most difficult. We knew from the recce that the route was "cross-country", have to carry the bike over bridges(Braddel road), cross a messy web of traffic junctions(Serangoon/Bendemer/PIE area), disconnected/confusing link to Kallang PCN. Route taken is here 
The safety briefing and danger points was clearly shared by Steven Tang to the group. We had about 100 riders and broke into 4 packs to reduce the congestion on the PCN and traffic junction. Leaving in 5 min intervals, the group cycled slowly along. As we reached the first junction, the outriders were in position,  helping to move the pack across smoothly.

The nice outriders who help us clear the danger zones quickly. Thank you. 
Rolling slowly 
@ Braddell Bridge.. shiok shiok 
The "fun part" at the Braddell bridge was met with lots of laughter and groaning. I saw several gentle man helping the ladies and kids carry the bike up. That was really nice. All taking the challenges obstacles in their stride.
ok, let's cycle! 
Sleepy morning
Cooling morning with a river view was nice. We chatted and relaxed, spinning it slowly.
The next traffic area was the beside St Andrew/Serangoon road/Bendemer Junction. It was identified as the most critical area and like clock work, the safety outrider team were in position and helped provide a level of safety cover which made the ride smooth.
gulpppp.. here we go!
The leads/sweeps of the groups helped tremendously to moderate the overall team speed, to reduce the bunching effect yet staying tightly as a group.  This can only be done with lots of co-operation and experience.
At the Serangoon/Bendemer junction. Encik George leading pack 3
LCSG carnival feel! 
Rolling on to the Kampong Kolam stretch was nice. we haven't really rode here many times and it was a real treat. Quiet and very underused. But this means perfect cycling condition. We were really surprised. With the outrider support, the group of 100 riders made very good timing. Even had time to take some goofy shots along the way, to regroup.  The feeling was carnival like and noisy. Just the way I like it.
Kin hor with Uncle Roland, covering the video and shots. 
big ma ma
I think the toughest guy was Kin hor, who was our offical camera man. He lugged an impressive video camera, had one Go-pro on his helmet and another rear camera strapped on his Dahon rack. Riding up and down the group. He did it with so much ease.... and smiling all the way. Steady lah Kin hor!
We did mentioned it would be challenging.. a very difficult section toward Kallang PCN
Gabriel, another Angel who help link up with the rear group so no break contact
We continued to roll along the Kallang river toward the Singapore flyer. Some of the group have not been here and was amazed how beautiful it can be. Yes, that's why we wake up every Sunday to smell the roses.
LCSG FreeStyle!
Super Outrider escort @ Kallang road.  Making it safe and enjoyable for the riders! 

Steven Tang leading Bishan route.. almost there!!
This was why... 
Packed to the brim
fellow cyclists forming the giant bubble
Hot hot hot... but we will tahan! We are cyclists!
Giant water bubble.. want to see close up?? 
We reached Marina Barrage and it was filled with so many people. The bicycle parking was nicely considered with water and buns readily available. Later on, cyclists also joined in to take a mega big water bubble.
Doing the giant water bubble. Cyclists boleh!!
This was how big it was!!! 
I didn't know how big until I saw the photo later on. It was 3500 people big!!!  Although the morning sun was getting really hot, the cyclists gamely soldiered on. Some commented it was tougher then cycling haha..  But, they were cool about it. Thank you my friends!
For the 4 groups who helped made it happen, I was very glad the group leaders went up to the stage, shook Mr Vivian hand and got recognized with a nice token of appreciation for their efforts.
Francis representing Lovecyclingsg
Allen representing Cyclekakis
Dean Representing Pungol Night rider(PNR)
Louis representing Westie Warrior
A photo with our PM Lee! 
We were also very glad to have a photo taken with our PM who was also quite amazed that we could ride from Bishan to Marina Barrage... I was about to invite him for a ride when he was whisked away to greet the numerous helpers/supporters of the events. Never the less, we got the millon dollor shot.. haha!!
Part of something meaningful. LCSG, PNR, Cycle Kakis and Westie Warrior, thank you!
This is for all LCSG riders. You roooccckkkk!
Thinking about it, I am very amazed and proud of the teams. We pulled off 4 routes with 500 riders. Very thankfully, no major accidents to boot! Best of all, it was free! For the riders, by the riders. Awesome. that's just awesome! Thank you for all the help to make this happen.
Mission acomplished... now Wanton noodle time!! 


  1. There is a photo that is captioned "a very difficult section toward Kallang PCN" Where is this? Maybe can ask Npark to "level" the path.

    I wasn't there but glad you all had a great time!!

    1. Hi Stephen, yes and I have already shared the issue with Nparks folks. Understand they are aware and working on the solution.
      It was a nice ride with many folks.. made more enjoyable with the presence of cisco outriders in the road. :)

  2. It’s great to see that many joined the World Water Day celebration in Singapore. Well, I just hope that their involvement doesn’t stop there. They should keep on supporting water conservation campaigns. They can help save water and fight the impending water shortage in the world in their own unique ways too.

    Lorenza Coon