Monday, March 18, 2013

Tokyo bike, birthday gift from wifey!

Tokyo bike from Wifey... really!
Front view and for the eagled eyed...  rear brake cable housing is too short 

Not another bike!! Seriously, I didn't buy it and I am not complaining. It was a very nice birthday gift from Kim for my birthday last Oct 2012.  She knows that I love bicycles and felt that this bike suit me very much. She also revealed originally she wanted to get me a Go-Pro camera... dunno how come became a bicycle...any way.... I am ok!
Tokyo bike is Old skool and not racy at all. Sensible and just what a bicycle would look like if u ask any one on the street. More here if you want to know more. And I am not paid to sell Tokyo bike... just sharing my experience
Riding back with Encik after WWD 2013. Notice my flag? That really helps keep u notice with traffic
The bicycle is a 650C wheel bike, which is good for shortie like me. More nimble then a 700c but more stable then a 20".  It rolls well and esp on smooth tarmac, very smooth and quick. Not race race quick but glide quick. Components wise, is a shimano "dunno what series". I don't really care as it shifts ok and the chromo-frame is quite comfortable. Changed out the handle bar to a sweep back version and brooks flyer seat for a even comfy ride.
Featuring a carradice pendle bag which I can keep my DSLR and barang barang like medical box, tool kit and all.  I can easily swap it to the bike using an allen key to loosen the mounting bracket (along the bike seat rails). Sometimes you see it on my moulton, sometimes here on Tokyo bike.
Yes, its abit uncle but I like it very much. Perfect for slow down smell the roses kind of ride. Thank you Dear!  Now enjoy the photos!
My Gentle Hero lucky charm... keep me safe and polite :) 
Arigato! hai! Tokyo bike dezz! 
old skool pedals and it works well
Brooks Flyer. Heavy like crazy but comfy like ur fav sofa
Metal frame keeps the Carradice bag from swinging side to side. Allen bolt under seat can swap out to other bikes
I used it for 1.5 years and it works very well. 
how it looks inside
Side pocket can keep a repair kit nicely. I also stick my flag pole here
looking from the rear


  1. Very retro looking bike. Might look better with wooden fenders..Just saying.. :)

    1. I fully agree but cannot find in Singapore.

  2. Cool bag! Where can I get this and the rack?

    1. You can find the bike locally at TR bikes or online. The brand is Carradice pendle. I got my via SJS cycles