Thursday, April 11, 2013

Packing for the Taiwan trip from my fellow team mates

Travelling with bicycles is not something we normally do. Some are doing this for the first time. It must be quite a stressful time esp for Berenda and Ai lim who are bringing Moulton. So I am delighted to see how well packed the bikes were... Have a look at the packing in progress! 
Ai Lim Pinkie Moulton TSR seperated, packed to go!
Berenda is so prepared that she even brought a pot to cook maggie mee(joke) 
Lisa Wrapping Tikit on a Dr Hon Box
Darren Lama on a Tern Box minus packaging 
I hope he is not bringing Boba fett... 
Joeel neat packing 
Joeel added hand holds to help make cargo forwarders job easier 
Desmond box

Desmond's Dahon Speed TR with ultra low gear into the box

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