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LCSG Treasure hunt 2013

29th June 2012. 
This is the much awaited LCSG Treasure hunt. 
Awesome art from Joeel and Andy sponsored buttons

About 80 turned out to do this at Labrador MRT station. Many with the custom team tees. The mood was friendly yet competitive...  and all ready to rock. 
At the start line
Cowboys and gals ready to ride and find the treasures!
Encik George, the brain child of LCSG treasure hunt gave the briefing while the LCSG angels went off to man their stations earlier to prepare for the "takan" session. 
The format of the treasure hunt was as follows.
3 Stations to visit. At each location the teams would be asked to do some thing related to “old childhood games”
Map from Encik.. this are the waypoints 

Do you know where to find them? 
LCSG angels last min synch up before moving out
Station 1 : Keng Yong with Brenda @ Labrador park. The task for the team was kick the chantek (each) for min 10 times.  It looks easy but it wasn’t. .. check out the photos :) 
Berenda and Keng Yong... as the Chantek station master 
Most torturous feathered thing known to LCSG 
Are u ready to have some fun... 
Unfair... he play football one
Frast trying her best.. but I think she prefer cycling
We all could do with a little help!
Still got to cycle and find the spot.. shaggg
So glad this is all over... haha
Station 2: Vince Li with Ming Tian @ Kent ridge park hill. The task for the team was spin a “Gasing” top and it must be spinning for at least 15 seconds(it is a long time)
Vince and Ming Tian the spin masters!
Imran show his team how it is done
Nick Wong so happy to be able to spin the Gasing!
Reliving their childhood... or starting it again
Almost ready to throw the top towards the station masters 
@ Gasing proving grounds

ok... let's go!
Station 3: Steven Tang, Tiffany, Tiger and Diane @ Haw Villa. The task was to use coin and throw into a chalk circle. It must land inside a circle or keep throwing coins..
Steven's brilliant idea using just chalk and coins.

Just throw... and curse.... cuz it rolls away.. 
Took some tries but we got it!! 
count and count
Punchek but keep on going!
Dun cheat or we feed you to the tigers... 
Lastly they have to find a series of locations to photograph/ID as a team
It was quite a blast to see everyone intensely working their butts and planning how to approach the issue. Some took the “lets go for the toughest one first as we have fresh legs” while some just “where har, where har” – Just whack.
The eventual winner was Rolling stones whom completed the whole event by 1030. They were on fire and according to Tiger Wan, they simply went flat out..  and u need to check their dance moves as they couldn’t spin the tops.. J

Overall, it was a day of fun, sweat and laughter. The folks went back with a greater understanding of the geography and a deeper friendship that can only be formed when people “suffer” together.

A very very big thank you Encik George for the planning and ideas. Desmond Chia for offering to drive us around to see if pple cheat haha.  
Keng Yong, Berenda, Vince, Ming Tian, Steven Tang, Tiger , Tiffany and Diana for manning the stations. Uncle KC, Darren for the photography work.   Axis cycles and Andy yap for sponsoring the prizes.  

See you folks for 2014 Treasure hunt!  

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  1. Outstanding work, both in the run up to Treasure Hunt 2013 and during the actual event itself. Gestalt himself would be proud of LCSG where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. A BIG thank you to the organizers and crew who provided yeoman services. And of course fellow participants and supporters. Cheers !