Monday, August 5, 2013

14th July 2013 LCSG slow slow ride to Bidadari park

I pass this ground daily while driving along Serangoon road on my way work.  Bidadari Cemetery used to be  functional but closed for "operation during 1972". BTW do u know Bidadari means "fairy" in Sanskrit!  I didn't know that... but with Wikipedia, I now know :) 
As with many places in Singapore, it will be giving way to the  more housing projects.  For now it is a patch green with a nice winding path. More photos of the ride here 
LCSG @ Bidadari
So this set the theme for the sunday ride and it was simple route from Bishan park Mac's to Bidadari park. One of the highlight was the obstacle course that took the form of a overhead bridge @ Bradell road. Nice to see folks helping folks and a swamp of cyclists walking up. I thought to myself, if the authorities can make it more accessible to cross, I am sure this route would be more popular. Anyway.....  that has been shared to them countless of times.
Eugene with his trailer bike, helped by Desmond
Pierre and Chole (baby)
Daddy rules!
As we reached Bidadari, we went a couple of loops slowly. This is also to allow us to have a feel of how big the place it.  Mr tandem Lim also pointed out the haunted tree which a girl used to sit under. That day we didn't see and I am cool with that.
Encik rolling and rumbling around
Young Tiger following closely on Encik heels. He is fast!
We gathered under a big tree for the group shot. Then I sprung the surprise we have been planning for sometime. For a big hearted man by the name of Andy Yap. Helped by the kind Joeel and esther.
What I said to the group was this. "I have something to say. Many think LCSG activities just happen. Its fun and it just happen, week after week.  But it couldn't have happened if not for the tirelessly efforts of some folks. They are the angels who cover our backs and worked silently to make things happen. One of them has been doing this for a long time, week after week. Month after month, year after year. That guy is Andy Yap. He is our super man and we just want to say a big big thank you to him. And present to him this hand drawn sketch to him"
The group cheered for Andy and he broke into a smile. Thank you for everything, Andy :)
A big cheer for our super man, Andy Yap!
Fantastic work by Joeel Lee for Andy
A slight rain came down and we retraced our route back. But first we had to find a makan spot and this time we visited Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre. Our steel horses drew many onlookers. Many shared their bikes, if they could fold and what not. I was already quite hungry and on the Woo sister recommendation, had the yong tau foo. It was good!  After the makan, we cycled back to Bishan park and dispersed from there.

Steven Tang with his kungfu fart.... haha

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