Monday, August 5, 2013

4th August 2013 Visit to Bukit Brown

LCSG @ Masjid Omar Salmah Mosque

This is another unique place which will be gone very soon. Partly that is. Last year we visited the place and met some really passionate folks who wanted to preserve it. They call themselves Brownies , if u like to know more, click the link.
And please go there quick... almost going be start clearing out  and it is in the Straits time too. 
The route was quite complicated as I have not really ridden there much. Luckily I have someone who do. That's our veteran LCSG old bird, Steven Tang. He even made the extra effort to recce the route and find out the history around the place. Starting from Caldecott  MRT station, it was a gentle roll toward Andrew road and then getting hopelessly lost at mount peasant area.
Steven Tang giving a briefing on the route and places of interest
First timers to LCSG  - Photo Credit Steven Tang
The turn out was huge at 80 pax and many regulars stepped up to help act as markers. That is they will ride in front and place themselves at turnoffs so that the main party can just roll along easily and not get lost. Thank you Panda, Pierre, Ben, Jasper and many others for helping make this a pleasant experience.
quiet and shady zip along Andrew road
Near the horse training area
Happy white Carry me Duo!

off the beaten track.. 
Horse "what the hell is happening... so many pple" 

Horses going for a stroll. Yes, in Singapore!
Mud added to the "garang" factor. 
Skikh guards standing by the tomb. Only @ Bukit Brown - photo credit Steven Tang
Due to a minor accident, we asked the main group to proceed while we took care of the young man. 
He apparently jammed his brakes as he approached a speed bump down a slope. Luckily, Eugene LA was there and help dress his wounds. We decided that it would be best he went home and seek medical treatment. After the drama, we went to look for the main group and the heavens opened at Mediacorp. Uncle KC shouted to me: "Call Zoe Tay and see if we can hide at her house.. haha" 
It continued raining as we approached BB and we didn't explore much. Still there were quite afew people walking and braving the rain. I guess in the forrage, Claire must be still there, sharing the BB stories.  
From Bukit Brown, we cycled to Kheem hock road towards Adam food centre. A hot coffee and yummy makan made every one feel much better.  Stomaches filled, we dispersed at Adam food market and guided the rest back to Caledcott MRT.  Thanks to Steven Tang excellent recce, I now know this place better. And I will come and ride this route again. What a nice way to spend a sunday morning!
Photo link here 

Nice makan @ Adam road market. It is good!
Finally, we eat! 


  1. I know exactly what happen to the young man who had an accident

    1. yes, that would you Heng Yi! Hows ur teeth? This was the ride which we first met you and hope to see u on Sunday rides:)