Monday, August 8, 2016

Getting Serious about cycling in Singapore

This made me very happy as it is the first time that Straits Time have covered normal folks who made cycling as their way of life in Singapore! Woohoo! 
Taken from Strait Times, thanks Duane! 
Cycling have indeed been going through a lot of changes in Singapore and its getting really popular, not just as a form of recreation or sport. To dispel the conventional notion of cycling(for lycra clad only or just those crazy pple), I have been doing my part to document the riders I meet at Lovecyclingsg so that I can share their stories to more people and even to our governmental agencies.  You can read their stories here   Do message me if you like to contribute to adding to the Singapore context.  
Thank you Byrna for writing this. Its a good step forward!  In the mean time, keep on cycling! 

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