Monday, August 1, 2016

Bamboo Kar at Car Free Sunday 31st July 2016

As part of the effort to bring in more smiles and laughter to the Car Free Sunday event, the Bamboo Kar came and was a rolling success! Many who saw it smiled and gave us a thumbs up! 
Here are some of the photos taken by uncle KC while I was riding the rig. More cool funny photos here.  and by Christine 

Rolling at CarFreeSunday
Sharing with fellow cyclists why we did this

can u see how many bicycle can use a car space? 
It was a blast to see joggers, skaters, cyclists all sharing the road and having a really nice time at Car Free Sunday event. Behind the fun, there is also a meaningful reflection. Imagine if we can use this space more efficiently for living. Not just simply used as a road. That's a real paradigm shift in space planning! 
Skater cannot believe his eyes... 
Pas with his Wong Fei Hong suit! 
Cheern lin with his customed built kid front rack bike 
every one rode. What ever wheels size and brands
Another reason to be cycling!
Now, Singapore is undergoing a big transformation to be more liveable, more cycle-able. I have seen big improvements with the continuous effort of agencies and community effort. Its looking really good!
Doing Da Lovecyclingsg pose!
No, it will not change overnight. But if we continue to support and give our ideas and suggestions to our agencies folks. I am sure more good will happen. Lets keep on spinning and smiling!

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