Sunday, July 24, 2016

Love cycling SG Bamboo Kar

We support the CarfreeSunday initiative because its a paradigm shift in usage of the environment.  With the past CarfreeSunday events, we have seen many folks coming to run, skate and cycle. Some just to walk, stroll around the area. Its nice and I love it.
So to support the event, I came up with the idea of the Bamboo Car which is a visual demonstration of how much space a car takes up in comparison with a bicycle and person.  The name is called Kar Chia with direct inspiration from hokkien. "Kar"- meaning Leg and "Chia" meaning Car.
Here's some photos of on this Sat where my friends and I did the first test ride. It worked fabulously!!!  So relieved and we are ready for the 31st July 2016 #CarFreeSunday!

Come ride and see the BambooKarChia at CarFreeSunday!

LCSG angels Andy and Christine running along me, just in case I get into trouble. Thank you folks!
More really nice photos and videos here.

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