Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learning cycling from a story book - Bike for Tykes

This is a cartoon book on learning to cycle which we found at the Singapore National Library some years back. The title of the book is Bikes for Tykes by Azhar Yusof, illustrated by Eliz Ong. It's a local book! 
What I like about this story book is how attractive and friendly it is, for kids and big kids(Me). 
Momo was flipping about the pages and looking at the words/images. I think it also encouraged her to try out cycling.  If you like to know how I teach Momo to ride, here's my way. 
Also included in the book are simple, usefultips for parents as well. Do check it out at the local library if you are looking for a nice story book on bicycle for ur kids!  Happy cycling!


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