Monday, July 11, 2016

Sharing with PM Lee abit about Lovecyclingsg

We ride alot on the Nparks Park connector (PCN) network and last sat we went to give our friends at PCN team the support they need.  I have been working with them over 6 years and I know how much it took to make things happen. This is why I push and rallied hard to help them. I was really glad to see a nice happy turn out. About 60 folks turned up and was waved off by our Prime Minister Lee himself.
Folks at bishan end point 
 For myself, as part of the Friends of Nparks committee, we also did tree planting to remember this day for being the start of the Round island Route (RIR). You can see more details from Straits Time.
While planting the tree, I got to chat with the PM and share abit about what we do as LCSG.  To share about how we ride, find places of memory, where we grew up and then grab a simple meal, chat.  E.R.P (Eat. Ride. Photo)...
PM Lee waves us off !  Photo From PM Lee Face book 
And my goodness, PM Lee shared his experience to all on Facebook! I hope one day we can have him riding with us.  That would be so cool. Yes, I told him face to face... I will show him my fav wanton noodle store! 

Thank you PM Lee for leading the way to help make SG a more bike friendly place to be!

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