Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Edmund Chia cycling back to health

Left is what I used to be and right is how I am now. I feel awesome! 
Today I saw a very inspiring post by a fellow rider (Edmx Chia). Link from LCSG FB 

This is his story. 
Hello everyone,  I am Edmund Chia, age 31 and I work as a logistic assistant in the shipping line. I am sharing my story and hope it can be of help to you. Perhaps inspire you to do the same too. :) 
Chionging at the downhill event
I used to weigh in at 150kg during 2013 and with regular cycling, I have reduced my weight to 92kg. Yup, thats 58 kg off!!! 

I can and I will! 
Focus and roll
I was tired of folks laughing at me, calling me Ah pui and Fatty. One day I decided that I would just get on with it. I dont like running as it was too tiring and so I tried cycling. 

What I did more of......
I started cycling everyday. From my home at Bedok to my work place at Changi South. I also tried to cycle further in my weekends to places around town area like Marina Bay Sands for example. It was really cool to chill with my friends.  
Fat bikes also looked very cool and I got myself one. As you can imagine, the bike can roll over any thing and it took abit more effort to ride and was really fun. 
Now, I am more into Downhill cycling and recently took part in the downhill event. I really love the thrills and spill of the sport. 
If you like to do downhill, pls "jio" me at Edmx Chia  I am usually at Kent ridge park or going overseas to do bomb down some hills.... and yes, I also have to cycle up. Worst case, walk la. 
Me with my downhill buddies 
Don't believe that it cannot be done. Can one. Just keep trying and moving. 
For food, Stay away from oily stuff, less rice as it contains alot of carbohydrate. If you need more, just shoot me a msg at my Facebook account  

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