Friday, October 14, 2016

How to feedback on errant cyclists and other inconsiderate road behaviours

I found this app at the apple store by our Singapore Police Force. It's a handy app by SPF to give access to general public on the useful information around their homes on the crime cases and also missing people appeals. It also can make it easier for the public to provide leads when they see something unusual or when they see a crime happening.  
I played around it and found that there is a tab that could prove useful for cyclists, pedestrians and PMDs users alike.
Of course, I sincerely hope we do not have to resolve to enforcement but I am pragmatic in knowing that sometimes, it is necessary to have the hard stick of the law to nudge people into behaving themselves. So here's how u can use it. 

1) Download via Apple app store and look for Police@SG 
Search under Police@SG

2) Click on the 3 horizontal line icons 
First landing page and click on the red circle
3) Click on the "E-Services" tab 

4) Scroll down to "REPORT"  
Scroll down to "REPORT" tab and click on "Feedback on Road user" 

5) Type in ur issues on the "E-Services" 

Fill up the colums and add ur photos of the location and if possible the infringements 

6) And u are done. I am sure SPF contact you later if they needed any clarification.

Pls let me know if you have tried it and if its any good. If there are any issues, kindly share with me and I can help consolidate and feedback to our good folks in blue. Thanks! 

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