Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Kampong in Singapore

I remember reading about this place in the new papers a few years ago. Last Kampong in Singapore?  Should be gone by now... No way it can still exist right?  But there really is..located off Gerald drive, near Buangkok green. It is quite a strange feeling when I visited the place today. Most of the people were out and it was very quiet. I walked around looking at the houses and it looked just like any village in Malaysia. The funny thing is if u walk out of the kampong area abit... u can see the towering HDB blocks.
Just a normal kampong...the very last in Singapore which will be gone very soon.... I don't know how long it will still be there for... My suggestion is to go and see it if u haven't. To have a glimpse and remind ourselves of how things used to be. I think we should ride there, see see...shouldn't we?

Reach there by Yio chu kang road, aim for Gerald Drive. There is a Esso petrol station and u will see a forested area... that's where Kampong Buangkok is located.

For more detailed information and reading

just in case u get lost... 

so this is how SG kampong looks like
Peeking in
feels like Malaysia, but is Singapore

worn but still workable
right smack in the center is kmpung buangkok

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