Thursday, December 23, 2010

off old holland road with Carry me

Life is like that... I was driving to attend a meeting and almost reaching the place, I received a call that it was cancelled as someone cannot make it. Duunhhh... what to do now? I was "stranded" near Buona vista area and then I thought maybe I go check out a route that Brother Alvin mentioned before. - read here >> 
I drove my red van along Ghim moh to holland road and found a place to park at old holland road to begin my recce. The carry me is now a permanent fixture in my van and it helps me explore areas quicker. I rolled along the shaded old holland road, passing by expensive landed property and cars which cost more then my home.... It was a down slope which was nice.. "wait till the ride back up I suddenly thought of... never mind. And I think I found it..Brother Al is this the place? And in case u wonder ....yes, I had to struggle with the upslope to reach my van... :)

my red carry me ready for deployment
nice shady old holland road
Rail way tracks
gravel road... not too good for carryme
overcast day


  1. You found it TW. I like how you convert every opportunity into a riding adventure :) Wishing you and your family plus bikes a very blessed Christmas.

    Al in Phnom Penh
    (Being eaten alive by mossies)

  2. Belated Xmas greetings from Momo, Kim and Taiwoon!
    Hope u are eating well..u deserved it after feeding the mossies! :)