Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why is fort road called fort road?

I passed by Fort road many times and sometimes wondered why was it called Fort road. Me and Matt went early and rode around... and found this interesting fact....
Apparently long long time ago there was a fort built around the area(Katong park). The fort is no longer around but u can still 2 loyal soldiers doing guard duty at Katong Park.  Explore around the Katong park just off Fort road and you will see some signage containing more information on the fort. What a nice surprise!
Standing guard, day and night
check out the lucky number on the railing 

Direction towards Fort road

Fort information and a park!
A game of the former Fort compound


  1. I remember a few years back they dug out the Fort in hopes of getting it preserved & opening it to the public but in the end the plan failed & they burried the fort up!

  2. wow! never knew fort road had an actual Fort! Cool.

  3. yah lor... amazing right? now I want to find out more about "man kar kar" or Race course road... I used to help my uncle who had a clinic there as a boy.

  4. Man kar kar if i'm not wrong is Kempas (sp) rd. I used to go there pretty often as a kid visiting my late aunt who used to live there. I had some of my best childhood times there playing with my cousins. And as for fort road, in fact there used to be a half buried solid granite greyish green wall standing about 1.5 metres from the ground up, very colonial in form, and about 15metres long and now it has since gone. The location was at the end of old tanjong rhu road, where the old shipyards were before condo development. The new Tg Rhu road end is the extension from the old one. This place was used to be my regular fishing and cycling haunts in the late 70s and early 80s.