Monday, January 24, 2011

Carryme parking lot at my workplace

You know u are at a cool place when u see 3 Carrymes parking like this.. and this is my work place. Yeah! The foldies are getting lots of eyeballs and smiles.. and the foldie virus is spreading .... 

Joel, Adrian and mine... parked beside our large format plotter
ready to be deployed instantly for lunch duties... :) 


  1. wah... nice.. and guess who is the one aachoo the virus around? YOU!!!

    Ps... I got one too... ;)

  2. I just took 2 CMs up to Malacca for a holiday last week and the morning ride was very fun! This bike rocks la.

  3. hahah.. Joshua, I just showed them how fun it can be to just ride... :P

    yah. Bro Al.. I dun know why... riding the carryme gives me a very casual feeling and plenty of smiles.

  4. hi,

    seeing you have so much local experience in the carryme, I would like to ask you a question. Have you or anyone ever tried to 'lobang' a preschooler using a carryme? Am wondering if it is possible to somehow improvise or add a small seat for a child (since the rear carriage seems abit too low for a child to sit down)....

    I understand that the carryme is made for 1 person, but sub10kg bicycles below $1000 are like impossible to find... (constraints due to both my size and budget)

  5. hello, nope.. I never lobang pple on Carryme before.. also think there is a weight limit too,,

  6. haha..thanks for replying.. btw re the weight and my child are so small size our combination are way below the weight limit of a carryme :P