Monday, January 10, 2011

Pengerang ride on 9th Jan 2011

One for the camera!

minor commotion when 39 riders went into the ferry stars!
Loaded up on bumboat to pengerang!
Bikes, lots of it!

Erh..yes it is



      38 friends, bicycles on 3 bumboats headed toward Pengerang early on Sunday. It felt like a Army mobilisation where the team leaders were shouting for attention and getting their group sorted. "Got bring passport? Where is Chris"...Never the less, everyone came on time and very soon on the bumboat chugging towards the ride destination. Joining us for the first time are Billy, Evon, Wendy, Benny and a few hard core riders. They had just did a similar loop yesterday and came for today ride... talking about commitment!
Heaven was kind to us, it was slightly overcast, not too hot, not raining...Just right for riding. Covering the rear was Andy until his crank decided to give up on him. Still he had fun riding on a taxi and roaming around the town looking for bicycle shop to repair the crank...and rejoined the group later.  Many smiles and friendly banter amongst the rider.... telling their heroic stories about "last time...." It was also very impressive to see how fast KC changes tyre , Mr Teo repair the brakes ...which will put the Ferrari mechanics to shame. 
We reached the Ostrich farm around 11am and had Ostrich steak, omlette, love letters and all things related to Ostrich. The gentleman in charge also gave us a group discount to visit ostrich farm where we were educated in the proper way to open the Ostrich egg...also about how come some of the birds have partially bald backsides. The balder they are, the more productive.....
We had "own time own target" lunch at the town area where Clarence and team went for lobsters, some went for bar ku teh... and all good stuff. Me and Matt roamed around the town, taking photos and looking at the old shops and run down stuff.  The distance travelled is about 48 km, flattish roads, breezy with plenty of coconut trees, kampongs and sea view. Oveall, It has been a great day ride with lots of laughter, fun and noise!I got a feeling we will be back soon...
Lastly, Zillion thanks to Clarence, Andy, Andrew, David, Mary, Billy, Mr Teo, KC for all the help to organise this wonderful ride!
more hi res photos and closeups here..
Clarence the main man that made it happen! Thanks friend!
Zack in a good mood! Ride!
Steve thumbs up, all good!
Ostrich burger advert!


  1. Wow, must be a real challenge to orgz for such a huge group. Well done Quartermaster.

    Did anyone go for a RM$4 hairwash?


  2. It wasn't me alone, quite afew guys chipped in, like Clarence, Andy, Andrew, GL,Mary, Matt, Mr Teo ... very impressed that all came together to make it happen... Very moved by their passion for riding. And it is quite a special feeling to see folks riding as a group, laughing and chatting away.