Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wet Cold Fun Singapore river ride 30th Jan 2011

Wise bald man says: ride with us, smile alot... 

Yeah..  better!
  It rained the day before for the whole day and chances are today ride will be the same.  Half expecting that most of the folks will drop out.. I decided to carry on the ride. And I was blown away! About 30 turned up!
Full house of clouds on Singapore...but we are going to ride!
Some even rode to the meet point....and as if heavens wanted us to ride... the rain stopped. So happy. Even happier,  Brother Alvin of Love the fold  and "Nuclear powered" Paul joined us for the ride as well!
Bro Al, Eddie and Marcus 
The ride started pretty smoothly and the pathway was quiet and peaceful. We stopped by the Chingay mobile float park and took some shots of the mobile display with riders. Reaching the Singapore Flyer, it started drizzling again and by group decision, we decided to ride on. We snaked along the slippery paths, crossing treacherous metal gratings and went pass many historical monuments...not really the best conditions to see them...but all who rode now know where is the old Satay club...and also the original Raffles statue. :)
Paul, Legend has it he rides like the wind, some say faster then the wind
Mary with her brompton, color coordinated of course

Rolling along the Singapore river, we chattered and laughed, at the total craziness of the whole ride. We rode through puddles, splashing along and the "gentle" pelting of rain... cold as it is. The strange thing was fun! Yes, it will be a royal pain to clean the bikes later... but it was fun!
We reached Vanguard which was closed and many peeked thru the glass windows to see the old new bikes.. I think some will be back - like Lee who loves pashley and all things old..  Zion market was the next stop and the hot coffee/tea/prawn noodles soup was great... man, it was cold!  Following we headed toward Lifecycle to see the latest range of Dahon. It must be a real surprise for Simon too as he didnt expect us to ride in the pouring rain. Resembling a pasar malam... we crowded into the shop and oggled at all the cool stuff.
Demo in progress
KC admiring the finer details of Dahon Vector

Bidding goodbye to Simon and Co of lifecycle, the group went towards the direction of Jalan besar with the promise of very very good wanton noodle. Rain was getting heavier but no problem, we pressed on. Our motley crew of foldies, oldies, MTB, hybrids drew quite lot of looks from the passerbys.   I think because all were laughing and smiling-- in the rain --Crazy pple. :)
Laughing, chatting in the rain

 Clarence's Wanton noodle shop recommendation proved to be really good. It was the same standard as a hongkong Wanton mee... This means the wanton is a fistful rather then a 20ct size... and noodles are just rite with a little oil and soya sauce. Best of all it was manned by only one guy who had to serve up about 15 servings all at once.
You win already lor...all come at the same time
David with his Wanton noodles, Check out the size of Wantons!

Clarence chipping in to help uncle
 After that, we headed toward lavender MRT and ended our ride there.  A special ride with a special group of friends. Bounded by the love of riding and friendship. Salute you people for being crazy enough to ride in the rain with me....shivering and laughing... Till the next ride!
More photos here 
And Matt's photo


  1. arrrr...i missed out on the noodle

  2. Too bad for me I had to chabot early and could not enjoy the rain ride further with such wonderful company. My ride buddy CW loves Wanton Mee. What score out of 10 would you give it?

  3. Hello Bro Al, I would say 7/10... really good for SG Standard... and on a wet cold day.. the noodles and hot soup felt so nice..Simple pleasures! Thank you for coming and hope to see u more on the rides!

  4. Even when its wet & cold ; you all were so HOT !!

  5. Pop by from OCBC FB to say hi! Surprised to see so many foldies in a group, sure looks fun! I ride a Dahon P24 btw. :)

  6. hello DZ, welcome and hello! There are also MTB, roadies, Recumbents...hopefully a unicycle..:)
    Do join me and friends for a ride some time. U can check out more rides infor here.

  7. sure do! i will join the forum shortly and chat with you guys. :)