Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mystery bike at the JTC hill Carpark

raining non stop for 3 days... and this is how it looks going to work

bike chained to the lamppost..rain just stopped briefly
Saw this while walking to my office a few days ago. A familiar sight in the JTC hilltop car park. But this time, I stopped.. and took a picture. It was a cheap mountain bike locked on a lamppost, left in the elements ...and it rained for 3 days in the row. What a sad life it got... Looking closer, I saw a yellow torch light lashed with string on the handle bar.  No need for special lights fixtures. Just string and a cheapo torch... from Daiso probably. I try to imagine  the owner who rides this bike up the slope at JTC hill and park his bike at the lamp post. This was his work horse.

Thank goodness the rain finally stopped and perhaps I can do some riding tomorrow morning.  Start to work off the CNY accumulated fats.

improvised light


  1. I hope his work horse wont be stolen. That bike actually looks quite attractive and new. I've seen many bikes parked at MRT that are absolutely in junk condition. I suppose if you need to have a park n forget bike, the yukkier the condition, the better. Thanks for sharing TW. Hope sunny days are there to stay in Spore. Its lovely here at the moment :)

  2. Thanks Brother Al.. I think SG is drier now. R u back in Perth already?

  3. Yupz. Here, there was a bush fire this afternoon and the sky was all hazy. OK, now. Still a little too hot to cycle but evenings and mornings are lovely.