Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ride northwards, boil an egg 6thFeb 2011 sunday ride

Gong Xi Fa Cai! from the crew
32 folks met today morning 0730 at Yishun MRT. All eager to burn some calories from the excessive feasting from the past CNY week. First stop was the Sembawang test if it really can cook eggs. I was looking forward to this as I have heard about this but never able to locate(lazy to search) the entry point. The hotspring is fenced up and is located inside an army training area(Gambas) where I have "pleasant" memories of army life.... the defensive exercises was conducted here... trench digging.  Back to the hotspring... the setup was spartan. Concrete flooring with exposed plumbing and steaming hot water running constantly.
No he is not dead. This gentleman was lying on the floor as there was hot steam seeping from the cracks.

We filled up one plastic pail with hot water and placed the egg in... GL was the brave soul to try the first and was only semi cooked. He ate it anyway and convinced Mary, Vince and Zack to do the same. I just took photos. Then Andrew told us more about the hotspring history. That the place was once owned by F&N and the boss son found this hotspring in 1908. It used to be very popular with people until the army took over the place and sealed it off. In usual SG fashion, many complained and it was reopened for public use.
how many bikers does it take to boil and egg? 

Egg makes me strong!

Next stop we took a newly built PCN off Admiralty road which was beautifully quiet... and pleasant breeze. Rolling and chatting, we reached Sembawang bottletree in no time and rode toward the black and white houses of Sebawang.  Andrew took us to some interesting sight like the Naval base Cinema, American/Aussie Barracks and the Naval base look out point. Beautiful old buildings and quiet roads means an easy and stress free ride.
Andrew telling his childhood stories of Naval base and Badrul looking confused

According to Andrew, the nice building behind us is the old Naval base Cinema... 
Next we rode to somewhere nearby for a quick bite, then to Woodlands waterfront, returned via Republic poly and then mandai road. The more on the ball riders.. went for a longer ride toward the Mandai zoo while half of the crew headed back. Nice ride with nice friends. What a great way to spend a early morning!

more hires photos of the rides here


  1. Taiwoon, the Naval Base Cinema was at the junction of Ottawa Road and Admiralty Road and was demolished when the road was widened - probably sometime in the 1980s.

  2. yes it is nice and fun. Come join the ride and experience the magic!