Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ubin Ride 20th Feb 2011

lovecycling @ Ubin
This Sunday morning, we went to Pulau Ubin. 23 friends came in MTB and folding bikes, led by KC and David. While Pulau Ubin is just a 10 min bumboat ride from Changi village.... arriving there it felt like worlds apart. I like it!  The place was really rustic but well maintained with nice tarmac roads and very little cars. After collecting the rental bikes (for some riders), we rode east sector which is smoother and KC showed us an old prawn farm and how the prawn farming was done. Riding along, we then headed toward Chek Jawa, explored the old house and also the broadway. It was high tide and most of the corals was under water. Still it was nice to see lots of green and in KC words... "here at Ubin, time stand still... u lose track of time" We chattered and bumbled over the rougher roads... pushing at times on the steeper sections. Everyone helping each other out. Nice!  click here for more photos
nice and rustic... and only 10 min away 
Orrhhing and Arrhhing at Chek Jawa

sychro riding

Cranking it up

And just when I thought it wasn't as rough as it seemed. KC brought the group to the Ketam trail....and it was quite a bumpy ride. We took the beginner route. Nice on a MTB but much tougher on a foldie on slicks. Francis and Alric rode the singe speed JZ88 and still managed to ride/walk to the Quarry outlook.  Well done friends. Amazing effort!Rider of the group must go to Celeste who rode with her parents Jenny and Chaip leng. She started off abit uncertain and by the end of the session, she was riding more confidently. Even when she got nipped by a dog... she continued to ride. What a brave girl!
As we exited the Ketam trail, the banks overflowed and we had a fun time "surfing" riding. According to KC, it never happened before should be due to global warming.. raising the water level to new heights.  A very nice ride overall, I hope Ubin stays the charming and quirky way that it is now.  If you havn't been there.. do go check it out. Thanks alot to KC, Andrew, Zack and David for showing us all the nooks and crannies.  I have a feeling I will be back soon! What a nice way to spend a sunday, ride on!
too steep.. never mind, we push it up..together!

Surf riding
Zack to the rescue!


  1. What a wonderful time you guys had! Pls give yr bikes a good wash and a lub too... otherwise, susa la.

  2. If only it was on a Saturday..

  3. @bro Al, yes KC gave us a tube to hose down the bike and when I reach home..I gave my bike spa treatment. And it was really fun!

    @ M. Ru, sorry har.. I ride on sundays... but there are other rides on Sat.. pls see the forum we setup