Friday, February 18, 2011

Why sunday ride, why do it?

Some people ask me why am I so "eng" (free) spending so much time in this seemingly "useless" blog and why do I keep organising the sunday morning rides....hmmm...why?
Firstly, this is the "timeoff" from my wife and I want to spend it riding... :)
Secondly,  I guess it is my passion to meet people and hear their stories and perspective on bikes, life and others. Also I like to bring across the point that riding can be just fun. People coming together because we like to ride ...simple as that. It is not about the bike, nor the brands.
We all have day jobs which sometimes can be extremely frustrating... but at the sunday rides we can decompress....just ride, take photo, relax and enjoy the journey.
Having run (sunday rides) from almost 8months, I am glad it has grown and every ride is like a carnival event. Tiring? yes... but I enjoyed it because I see the smiles and enjoyment from all the riders. This keeps me going. Thank you all for riding with me and making my sundays so fun.  And is a doodling of the spirit of the sunday ride...

Sunday rides- "Cycling, take photo, eat, chat...rain or shine. We ride!"