Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rider profile - Vince Li

This is Vince Li who is currently working as a System Design engineer at WPI. I met him at the first Monster Gun ride on the 24th Oct 2010. He was riding a single speed Carrefour market bike. And he was so tired when we reached Changi Village.. I could see remember the face. Haha..  A few weeks later, he got himself a nice Polygon foldie and trained harder to keep up. Now he is a regular feature on our LCSG Sunday rides and helps out with the Sweeper duties. In addition he also lead the recent Bukit Brown ride which was very well received. Many thanks to Vince for the nice efforts! I look forward to more nice ideas and ride from you!
Please scroll down to read his interview and how he got started on riding. :)
Vince...king of accessories...what u want I can get!

Spinning along with his "Destiny one" 

Vince mentoring Eman, a new but up and coming sweeper
Vince eating and sharing the route for Bukit Brown ride. His first time as a lead rider.. and he rocked!
feeling LCSG love @ Pengarang ride.... super punchek liao... first time ride so far
LCSG Sweeper with a gentle smile... and lots of encouraging words. Well done! 
Vince as a LCSG treasure hunt station... making it interesting for the riders... 
Vince and his carrefour bike.. Zack is behind
What got me into cycling and LCSG
Before joining LCSG, I was just the average singaporean who cycles in ECP once in a while, and later, just around the neighborhood on my cheap mtb. I do not remember the very first time I learnt cycling and who taught me, it was too long ago beyond what I can remember. Then something happened to my life and I was at one of the lowest point of life, I decided to take up a new hobby to take my mind off things, and I found LCSG amidst one of the many posts in the nostalgia blog yesterday.sg.
Why I like cycling 
The first ride with LCSG was my very first experience on road, and in long distance too. Before that, I could barely make it back home even from a nearby market. The veterans in LCSG have taught me much, and from then I found joy in cycling and it keeps my mind off things, a very effective de-stressing tool for me. Being in LCSG is also part of the fun, of course!
My steel horses and their names  
My very first "real" bike: Polygon Urbano 5.0 with kinetix comp wheelset + Schwalbe Marathon supreme, SRAM X-7 9sp and Deore brakeset. "DestinyOne"
My flatbar roadie: white Polygon Helios F500 "Unicorn"
My role in LCSG   
Whatever boss or Panda leader assigns.. but I'm usually the sweeper.
Tips to share with fellow riders
I always like to say: "Taking a longer but safer route home is better than not making it home at all" Safety always comes first!


  1. Ride on Vince! One day you'll be like how Franco Baresi did for Milan.

  2. WOW! Our handsome Prince Vince! :D

  3. I must add that, chief sweeper Andy Yap was the inspiration and mentor for me to become a sweeper myself. His devotion, patience and the "leave nobody behind" attitude belies his quiet exterior, and his smile kept me going on my very first ride. If I'm Franco Baresi, then he's Giuseppe Baresi!

  4. very glad to read the rider profiles, as a newbie and having first ride with LoveCyclingSG tomorrow, its reassuring to know there's a sweeper like Vince to take care of this huge group ^_^