Monday, December 19, 2011

Rider Profile - Zack Tay and read what he learns from cycling!

From the rear
Zack on the cover of SPIN!!! 
This is Zack Tay, resident Lovecycling golden poster hunk in our very nicely designed(by Joeel lee) LCSG jersey. Dun let the smiling face and slender legs fool you. Under the hood is V8 engine with twin turbo... those who tried to "chiong" with him will know. Most of all, Zack is a kind soul who can really ride. 
He has already done a charity ride event in Malaysia called Bike and Blade. It is a 320km rolling hills to raise funds for St Luke hospital. Now together with Steven Lim, Tan Geeli, they will embark on another event - called Klicks for Grace  to help raise fund for Yong - En Care centre.  On 7th Jan, in 24 hours, they will cycle continuously to complete 400km or 3 loops around Singapore. And if this is not enough... it is on foldies ok!!!...  Now this will definitely test their willpower and stretch their capacity to the max. From Zack, he said to me.. no problem.. this is all for the old, poor and needy.. I will do it. Just like that! Wow! So if you like what they do and want to help... pls visit this site and learn more.  more on his story below..........
Zack trying out advanced cycling moves @ Ubin Ketam Trail
Always the gentleman, Zack tongpang Cleste after the dog bite incident
With his beloved Klein Mantra comp...MTB Classic! 
surfer dude mode
Congrats... you made it! And here is his story on how he go into cycling - direct from the horses mouth. 
"I started cycling since young from BMX stun bike to offroad MTB.
Stopped at age of 19 due to entering of army and after that started off with my working life and got a car as transport on Feb 2007.
In 2009, Steven Lim organised cycling as a friend's outing. From then, I got back into cycling and started to join a few cycling groups and finally ended enjoying riding with LCSG in 2010. From there, I hear cases like Francis Chu, who sold away car and uses two wheels as mean of transport, I told myself that I should be able to do that as well. My home to workplace is only 12km away. I can cycle to work to exercise and stay healthy, yet save money and its Eco-friendly. Therefore after months of hard decisions, finally sold my car in on Nov 20" 
Zack Tay
Interview with Zack the hunk... :) 
When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
i join LCSG when i saw the thread posted by u (Taiwoon) on SMBF and decide to join and see what this group is about since there are so many groups with different objectives
when i first join.. the group was small but cozy.. everyone was friendly even when we are strangers.. and i getta been to places that my bicycle has never been and my eyes have never seen

Your steel horses- names and more details.
my current bikes left are;
2004 Klein Attitude XV (TIG-welded ZR9000 aluminum)
2011 Dahon Speed P8 (4130 chromoly steel)

Your favorite cycling kakis
LCSG of cos..

Your role at LCSG
whatever the boss assign.. but no lead pls..
Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
always enjoying chatting with the kakis and dun feel like going home.. haha

Tips to share with fellow riders
keep pedaling.. bicycle can bring u to places where other transports cant..
Additional words. Charity!!!
I always wanted to help doing my part for the poor and needy but my financial aint strong i have not been able to help much.. got back into cycling for 2 yrs and started to get stronger after been training for a while with some of the LCSG riders.. so decided to use my only strength - cycling.. (see I told u he is very humble and nice one) to help in doing my best for the poor and needy just like what Teresa Hsu.. using 1 smile to exchange for more smiles

hunk even when he eats! 

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