Friday, January 4, 2013

Dinner treat for LCSG Angels - ending 2012

A simple dinner gathering at my home to thank a select group of folks. I call them LCSG angels as they have spent an extraordinary amount of time, effort to make LCSG event/rides the way it is.
Very causal yet organised.  Helping to sweep, ride alongside the weaker, not so confident riders. Encouraging and smiling. All with out asking for anything in return.  Week after week, month after month. This is the real magic and dedication.
Buffet dinner spread for the tireless Angels

Peeking into my "cave"
We had a good time chatting (what else mainly bicycles) over a simple buffet. From cycling, we became friends. Lovecyclingsg is a free communal cycling platform which Francis, myself with a few designer friends kick-started back 2010.  Never did we expect this would take a life of its own but it did. It is easy to say it just happen but really these are the folks who made it come alive. Really.
From cycling we became friends! 
So I want to say. Thank you LCSG Angels for everything. And for taking this wonderful journey with me  Happy 2013!
More photos here 

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