Sunday, January 6, 2013

Multi Pronged LCSG ride 6th Jan 2012

LCSG @ Ghim Moh Market-- Photo Credit  Francis Chu
Yeahhh! - Photo Credit  Francis Chu
Nice!    Photo Credit  Francis Chu
All the pattern come out... when we do the pose! - Photo Credit  Francis Chu
Question. What do you do when a group grows bigger and to avoid causing a jam on the road.  The solution. A "multi pronged" start point.
One from the East(Paya Lebar), one from Central(Bishan/thomson) and one from the west(Jurong Lake). Meeting at Ghim moh market... and it worked brilliantly! We will try more multi prong start point come 2013.  Here are some photos taken from all of LCSG team of the wonderful Sunday ride.
LCSG West siders @ Jurong Lake briefing before start of the ride. Photo credit Darren Siow  
Westies rolling towards Ghim moh market     Photo credit Darren Siow
Beautiful shot by Darren Siow 
Esther and Joeel with their super duper ltd ed tees!  Photo credit Darren Siow
Too early so they took their own LCSG shot!             Photo credit Darren Siow
Learnings today: Make it fun, try things differently. It should work. :)
West side photos here and here 
East Side tbd... 

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