Saturday, January 26, 2013

How it looks at home

Photo by my friend Bing taken at Shanghai 2011
It has been a very hectic 3 weeks at work which is why the updates on my blog has stopped. 
Anyway, here's sharing a photo which I kept on my desktop for a while. One thing for sure, it will not win any photo award. But strangely (for me at least) there is something that just cracks me up and interest me a lot. 
It is is about the bike, a folding bike for that matter. Draped with clothes and standing there with a wedding photo hanging on the wall. It felt like the top of the line treadmill or excer-cycle which at one point of our lives, we considered/ bought. Then it became a really expensive clothes hanger...  modern lives, modern problems. Ha ha...  
Another thought that bubbled in my mind.. imagine how a bicycle could be designed if it was to fit a home environment. Maybe with a power generator to help charge the phones as u cycle(in a wet weather) or the bicycle can be stored standing vertically up(save space)... hmmm good product ideas  
I reflect on my personal situation. Having got into cycling, my stable of bicycles grew and grew. Luckily and amazingly, for 3 years now I have been cycling regularly and rotating the bicycles. Not so much logging crazy mileage but a consistent 10km (min daily).  This half hour ride is more stress therapy-ish and a good time to just  sweat a little. 
So what is a bicycle to you? Is it just a commuting tool, or a stress buster? Love to hear your story. 

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