Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LCSG first Green Corridor ride 18th Nov 2013

@ Bukit Timah Railway station 
We started from Punggol and rode to Bukit Merah Blk 146. The idea is to ride from Green Corridor(Bukit Merah) to Rail way mall and back. 
Nixs Zhuo who recced the route before,  brought us to the entrypoint of  green corridor. Boy.. was it a mud fest and the folks gamely soldiered on. Slipping and sliding on the muddy tracks.. some even took their mini velos.. it was crazy but fun. We reached Railway mall eventually and had our bar chor mee. 
As if it wasn't enough... we asked Encik Lim George to bring us to T15. This apparently is a short cut... but it was 3 times more tough... We struggled to keep up with Encik pace. Lots of walking, pushing up slopes, hammering down the bumpy downhills, we reach T15 entrance (Mandai Zoo) to our biggest relief.  Tarmac never felt so good and we slowly cycled back to Punggol. It was about 60km round trip... and it was one very tiring and fun ride. 

Going in via Silat drive and behind this houses
all nice and clean before the ride
Francis who is mad enough to use this!
Terminator Encik: Let's go!
lets ride... looks harmless right? 
We potter along.. not so bad
Tony who use this foldable to take on the route. Power
oh gosh.. what line to take? 
mud. lots of it. 
You know he is a master when he can ride this in the mud! With a smile!
Darwin's Tern stem had technical problem with all the juttering
Nixs in his natural elements. 
There are still beauty in the mad world. If you look hard enough
Solidering on... 
George covering the rear. A reassuring person to be with on a ride
Level 2. Water crossing. Terence looking so happy
Ankle deep water. I am sooo glad I brought my MTB
one handed shot in darkness... 
Mud and more mud

Nice! No mention about the mud though :) 
Desmond with his Surly Troll : "Are we there yet?" 
Uncle K.C.... aiyah.. dun worry.. just cycle!
Now that's a MTB-er!
So nice to see Tah Ching on the ride! He just became daddy and I guess would be MIA for a while
Alex seconds before he reach ground zero

It was really muddy... Alex would attest to that!
A walk in the park for Encik
Some reflections from the ride. 
1) There are still really nice areas in Singapore. 
2) The bicycle helps you reach those places
3) MTB is a full body workout
4) MTB is fun
4.1) MTB with friends is double the fun!
5) Wash the muddied bike at the petrol station. It saves u alot of work
6) Never believe Encik George when he say it is a shortcut. That's his way of saying... thats a tougher route haha. Thanks Encik, it was really fun! 

Lets do this again! 


  1. Hi, is the route still accessible? Am i still able to cycle from Silat rd all the way to the north?

    1. Hi Micaqi, Yes the route is still open. We were told that the route will be planned for bicycles, joggers. But I do hope when they implement, it would be sensitively done and that the place would just be retained as it is, not too clean and clinical...

  2. Thanks Taiwoon! Planning to ride it up to woodlands. :)

    I saw some of the upgrading works done on such trails and it would seem that they filled up the dirt tracks with pebbles of sorts. Hope they won't do that to this trail.

  3. Hi taiwoon,

    Are u going to organise it again , How can I join?

    Is there a regular meetup on your group, I would like to join...

    pls advise


    1. Hi Frederick, we post our ride event here.

      The rides are usually more relaxed and social. Ever week we go to a different place and different start point. This sunday come on by to see an amazing lady who pulls a trailer with 2 kids in tow.

      Looking at the photos... hmmm I think we should be going to the green corridor soon:)

  4. am curious about the remark 'wash muddied bike at the petrol station'. I haven't found one which allows. tried the shell station near King Albert.

    1. There is now a bicycle shop near the entrance point of Bukit Timah park. BYX and they offer bicycle washing on the rear of their shop. I attached the link and u can check that out.