Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minister Khaw writes about the LCSG Sunday ride!!!

This made my day.Yeah! This is great for Singapore cyclists! 
Minister Khaw wrote
" A recent FB message resulted in an invitation to cycle with Love Cycling SG, which we did last Sunday. We did 15 km along the North Eastern Riverine Loop and the weather could not be better. This is a very friendly group, with many children. They assembled at a nearby MRT station and cycled as a group to the meeting point at Punggol Waterway. It was a delightful sight, with the children cycling in the lead and the parents behind. Some 60 cyclists turned up and we had a great time, sharing our views on how else we could get more Singaporeans to cycle and to do so in a safe manner. I am optimistic that the cycling movement will continue to grow and Singapore will be great for cyclists in due course. I will do my part to help realise this vision." 

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