Friday, November 15, 2013

Nparks Sparks App - Not exactly sparking my interest

I tried the Sparks app by Npark briefly but I didn't really like the interaction and it felt very clumsy. It was supposed to help users find their way around the parks and improve the experience... but really it didn't for me. It seems to try to hard to put too much things inside.  
After sharing this with my friends at LCSG, no one really bothered to download it. Perhaps Nparks can  relook into the experience of it. My humble suggestion. Pls keep it simple and advert free(there is an irritating top banner which I wonder why is it there at the first place) 
In Itunes here  and Android 

Here's another blogger feedback on it.
big Iphone around the parks - showing the Sparks app

More Iphone and media on Sparks on location

This is the irritating banner on the top. Why? 

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