Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cycling improve fitness and helps you pass IPPT!

photo by Julian Lim 
Saw this post on Lovecyclingsg Facebook and it made me smile. It was a cyclist who managed to pass his individual physical proficiency test (IPPT) AFTER failing 6 years in a row! The reason he gave was cycling!
For folks who are reading this outside Singapore. SG, all men below 40 years of age are required to do national service (2 weeks) yearly. Part of the requirement is the IPPT involves running a 2.4km under a time limit. Many after reverting back to civilian and not exercising tend to fail it. More of IPPT here.
I can attest how hard it is....if u don't exercise :)  
This is his actual words "I hope this post encourages some of you that are afflicted by our national obligations. After cycling regularly for 6 months from a total sedentary lifestyle to being a bicycle commuter on some days, my fitness has improved to the point where I can pass. (Failed for the past 6 yrs)" Julian Lim
Steady lah and well done!

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  1. You should share your story with alvinology . Keep it up! I MR Liao and managed to pass all my ippt becos I have a army buddy who runs with me every Sunday . I cycle 2x on weekdays about 40 mins each time .