Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good online shopping experience from Chain Reaction Cycles

what is this?? 
This happened a few months back.  Like many, I shop online quite a bit. One of the advantages is that I can check out the items online, read the reviews and compare the prices without ever going into a bike shop.
The not so good thing for an online purchase is that you can't really touch and feel. Also you can't get it on the spot. There's always a shipping time which can vary from a little as 3 days to 15 working days. Chain Reaction Cycles is one of the leading online bicycle parts store which I buy from. The experience have been great so far and recently I encountered a bit of delay in shipping. There was an exchange of emails with the customer service and she asked that I wait for 15 working days. She even send me the E-documentation (to declare missing parcel) in case I still did not receive the parcel after that time frame.
The parts came eventually and I sent the customer service lady, Delphine a friendly note that I got it. Thanking her on the clear instructions and advice.
And I thought that was it... 2 weeks went by and I received a parcel from CRC.
I smiled when I opened it. It was a hand written letter by Delphine of Chain Reaction cycles!
Simply to apologise that the parcel did not come as fast as it could be and to thank me that I like the CRC experience. 
Ok, the jersey was abit over the top and I felt like a "roundish" walking advertisement.....  but the jersey fits!!! 
I was also very touched by the handwritten note by Delphine. Who really writes and send out a handwritten note this days? Well, CRC did!!! And I am really impressed. This really sets the bar for shopping, online or retail.
So what was your best online, retail experience? Please share it with me.

**I like this comment by Gary a lot ; which sums up why I wrote this entry.
"Friday Duo No one is perfect and sometimes mistakes are made. But some service providers really understand the concept of Service Recovery and I will always remember such experiences."

Hand written note!!!
Believe me..I am breathing in already... 
looking like a F1 logo plastered Mamil.... 

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