Friday, July 4, 2014

Worn and beautiful VS nice and shiny

I am a designer and in my day job we design stuff. One of the question I constantly ask myself is how perfectly "clone like" products have become. I mean... It's the usual.... everything's new... it's sleek and clean. The smell of new paint, shiny and glossy It's perfect! Like this bike in the picture below. That also happens to be my friend's dream bike at the moment. Cervelo P3. That damm thing just looks like it's about to take off!  Darren, you know you want it haha....
Really slick and sexy.... Cervelo P3  photo credits by
I know it moves his mojo and I think many.
But it does not for me. 
I like the worn in look. Like a part of nice worn in jeans. The feeling that a something has been used, not abused. Worn in by the passage of time and constant use. It just honest.  
Somehow, I also noted that steel and aluminium materials tend to wear well.  Check out my New old bike....  It's cheap hi-ten (maybe chromo.. I dun know)  frame and its almost 20 years old. I still love to ride it.  DSCN9902
Modern plastics, esp when painted to look like metal. Really look like crap when it's scratched. It just feels cheap. It feels disposable. 
Looking at the success of Brooks leather saddle and how the company is milking its English heritage. It turns out new products based on design eons ago... but subtly improving the functionality and retaining the original intents and materials.  
Could there be a similar and latent need for more "retro looking"components.Could there be a combination of steel metal components that derives inspiration from the older iconic accessories. Like the Shimano 600 arabesque re-issue with modern parts reliability? I know that will surely move my mojo!
So what will move urs? 
image taken from internet

internet image of old shimano 600
Mojo definition:
Taken from Austin powers show. The stuff that gets u going all excited and inspired! ...haha 

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