Thursday, September 4, 2014

Riding to Work - William Khaw shares his journey

Leaving home on his Brommie
This is William sharing on his bike route to work. Enjoy! 
"My daily B2W routine. I should say that I am "lucky" as the route to work covers 80% PCN and 20% pathway within a fair 6.8km distance. 
The route and how long it takes 

And also that I can park my bicycle just beside me. Always enjoying the beautiful morning scenery with familiar faces along the way where people jogging and also people who B2W!
I like to take PCN as it's much safer 

Another person riding to work
Slow down and be nice when you meet people. 
I've chose to ride on pavement in a slow cadence as the morning road traffic is not to the cyclists' favor! 
I take pavement as the cars on the road are sometimes too aggressive.  I ride slowly and carefully so that not to endanger others   
At least on pavement I can take care my own safety as well as other pedestrians! "SHARE AND RESPECT - MOLD FOR FUTURE CYCLING" this is my motto! Safe ride always." William Khaw
Breakfasst at the near by kopitiam before work

Inside the my office

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  1. Way to go William! Hope this inspires more to cycle. It can be done.