Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Riding to work at Dell

Sonny and his Tern Foldie in Dell Singapore Experience design studio 
Sonny is my colleage at Dell Singapore Experience Design (EDG)
He stays around Queentown area and today was his first time cycling to work. 

It takes him a leisurely 45 min ride via mainly PCN to reach office. There are some challenges at the Queentown to Holland village stretch as there are not direct PCN connection. Therefore he chose to take the pavement as the traffic flow is abit too intimiating for him. Entering the PCN connection via Gim Moh market, it is then a relative quiet and safe ride to IBP.
He also shares that it's nice to be riding in the morning and no need to wait for bus or train (for once).
The bike he uses is a Tern Link. It's simple, reliable and nice ride all round.  Nice! 

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