Sunday, August 31, 2014

30th Aug 2014 PCN appreciation and scrub day

Nparks and LCSG taking a group photo after the scrubbing session
On 30th August morning, about 70 cyclists from Lovecyclingsg met up at the Seletar reservoir. More photos here 
Briefing and sharing more on the event
Team 2a, Ready to do some cleaning! 
They came together to say a simple thank you and help do some cleaning to our beloved PCN.  We called this event PCN Appreciation day. Thanks Encik George for sparking this initiative! 
It was also a good time to get to meet the Nparks team and also LCSG angels who are the "eyes of the PCN".  Abit about the "eyes of PCN"  They take feedback from LCSG Facebook and channel them to Npark team. Usually about a fallen tree, or lights not working etc. Down stream the Nparks team would scramble and help make it better. It's a lean team but a totally dedicated and passionate one. Thank you LCSG angels (you know who you are)!
That's Lois from Nparks 
The Mandai PCN that skirts the Mandai reservoir. Its a nice place to be riding!
After the registration and short briefing, we got onto our bikes and went off to the various location at Mandai PCN. This section of the PCN has a special problem. Due to the close proximity to the reservoir and lush greenery, the paths were often coated with moss and algae. This makes it extremely slippery and hazardous for cyclists and joggers alike. In fact we had several rides there before and even after calling out this issue, there have been many falls. Nparks team shared that the paths have been cleaned on a very regular basis but the moss and algae issue is still there. I am no surface coating expert but if there is anyone who is, pls leave me a note or write directly to Npark team. They would love to hear and learn from you.
The tools we will be using
Scrub, add water, scrub and splash water 
Fast and furious... to scrub off the slippery algae 
Our Nparks Lead explain the procedure to clean... well, it was simply using the scrub and apply water and scrub again. 
Debrief and discussing what are the alternatives 
Back breaking work but the riders went on it with gusto. While we question the effectiveness of the scrubbing event. I find that it is a very good learning experience to understand issues on the ground.
It is also symbolic gesture to express our support from the cycling community to the Nparks team. Its not a easy job you folks do and we thank you! P1050782
Cold drinks! 
After the cleaning, we RV-ed at the Bus stop by a nice section of the PCN. Nparks team very kindly provided some simple refreshments and drinks. They were really much needed after the tiring workout!  Looking around, the faces of the group was still smiling, sweaty but happy that they have participated on a meaningful event. Well done folks!  
Thanks for the bananas! 

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