Thursday, August 21, 2014

Punggol MRT line down today..........

This is what happens when MRT Train Line breaks down and there is no alternative mode of transport in your area. 
Punggol Station today morning.  Photo credit Ben Chew 
Long Q and many people will be late for work. People are pissed....
It took 9 hours for the Train service to resume to normal. Is this the new normal?    
Imagine if there are a safer way/route to cycle to work from Punggol or for that matter anywhere we live it. How many will take the bicycle option? I think quite alot, perhaps 30%... I know I will. 
As I reflect on the lack of commuting alternative, the idea of Bus Bike lane came to my mind. Essentially it uses the current SG laws (bicycles can use Bus lane at all times) but painting a Bicycle logo on the road. This creates more awareness on the road that the bicycle CAN use Bus Lane and more awareness for motorists on the road to look out for cyclist.  Perhaps, as more congestion builds up, our agencies would be more encouraged to try our more innovation idea to alleviate the Traffic congestion. What do u think?
Go to LCSG Facebook for an interesting discussion on this topic
Additional notes: 

Bicycles are not the end all, solve all solution for SG transport. We will still need trains, cars, motorbikes, buses. 
What I am saying is that better infra for cycling can and will reduce the reliance on Public transport = less congestion/ pressure on transport system.
Here's an old posting by Mr Brown on cycling on the road which might be of interest...

Bike bus lane - Photo credit by Francis Chu
We have done it for YOG.... So why not for SG cyclists safety?

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  1. A timely reminder that bicycle is a robust alternative mode of transport. It hardly break down. We just need a bit of planning and safer infrastructure to unlock the great potential of cycling in Singapore.