Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feedback to LTA on a dangerous grille and it was actted on! Thank you Ahmad Mohsin of PUB!

This made me smile today at Lovecyclingsg facebook. :) 
Richard Toh who cyclo-commutes to work found a dangerous design fault on the road. He sent his feedback to LTA and after 2 months,he got a message from PUB to share with him that it was fixed. Excellent! Well done LTA and PUB! So, if you want to help make Singapore a safer place to cycle.
Start by submitting feedback on road hazard you meet along the way (when you cycle) to agencies and have a little patience, followup if you can.  Things can improve for the better!
Additional information by Richard. 

The guy who replied to me was from PUB - his name is 

In his actual words and feelings. "Back on June 3, I posted about my first puncture in many years, caused by a drain grate, along Shenton way. I wrote to the LTA to provide them with the feedback that they could consider using drain grates which are more bicycle friendly. 2 Days later they responded to say that drain grates are under the purview of the National Water Agency (PUB). And then came a period of silence. I assumed my email has fallen into the bureaucratic black hole and even complained about it here. 
To my pleasant I received an email yesterday from the PUB to say that they have changed the drain grates along the stretch of Shenton Way before Maxwell Road and even attached a pix to show me.
I made a deliberate attempt to cycle past that stretch today and lo and behold, new drain grates on both sides of the road!
2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet with a bunch of senior officers from the LTA who came to my office for training. They saw my bike in the office and we started talking about the hazards of commuting by bicycle.
They shared that within the LTA, it is a high priority for them from a policy and infrastructure point of view, to make Singapore and our roads more bicycle friendly. This is something they are actively working on. It will take time, of course.
So what's my point as a cyclist who commute to work?
There is hope, yet 
Kudos to the PUB for their responsiveness.
As a cycling community, lets do our part and provide feedback to the relevant agencies and allow them the time to effect the necessary changes. It'll take time but my experience tells me that they are listening and ACTING."

Lastly in case you looking for who to call.... here's the mother of all list to feedback on issues to the various agencies. If there are any other channel I missed out. Pls let me know. 

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