Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sports Hub in the news and their reply

After the posting on the lack of bike parking at the Singapore latest Sportshub last week, I was glad that the straits time picked up the issue.
Their reply was published and there are plans to have bike racks installed. Yayyhhh! 

Excerpts of it " Asked why there were no parking facilities for bicycles, Mr Robert Gambardella, chief of Sport Singapore's Singapore Sports Institute, said plans are in the works to integrate cycling infrastructure into the venue.

He said both Sport Singapore and Sportshub Pte Ltd, which manages the venue, have been studying where to install new bike parking facilities since the Sports Hub opened.
We want to place the racks in a strategic position, where there's lots of light and (the racks are) within sight so it's safe and secure," he said.
Mr Oon Jin Teik, chief operating officer of Sportshub Pte Ltd, said the company will install at least eight to 12 clusters of bike racks around the 35ha venue - hopefully by the end of the year.
"(When the Sports Hub opened) we wanted to observe the flow of foot traffic, so we could put these racks where end-users prefer," he said.
Addressing complaints from cyclists, he said: "We apologise and hope the public will have some patience."
Ok, now for the not so good part. There wasn't a definite date when it will be done by. Is cycling so low on the Sports Hub piority list? 
Now all it takes for an unpleasant experience is to have another chap's bike getting locked and it gets posted on the internet.....
***28th Aug 2014. Added direct reply from Sports Hub and again. No confirmed time for bike rack completion. 
"RE: ContactUsSSH - Item ID1676
Dear Mr Woon 
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
SportsHub is working closely with Sport Singapore to deliver a cycling ecosystem. Since the Singapore Sports Hub opened to the public, we are able to observe the flow of foot traffic to help strategically plan where cyclists would benefit from having bicycle racks across the campus.
 In a first step to enhance cyclists’ experience at the Singapore Sports Hub, we have increased the number of bicycle racks to the existing ones stationed at Stadium MRT. As we continue to strive towards a cycling ecosystem, we are planning to implement additional bicycle racks in locations that cater to the needs of cyclists’.
 We value your feedback and appreciate your patience during this process.
 Wishing you a pleasant week ahead.
 Thank you.
Best Regards
Customer Care Team
Singapore Sports Hub"
As seen on Straits Time on Sat. 24th August 2014 

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  1. This kind of makes sense. How many times have we seen badly planned walking paths from bus stops to HDB estates. Meandering paths which nobody uses, except old folks out for a stroll. Instead, we can see bald footpaths on grass patch leading from bus stops to the blocks in the most efficient way.

    So, the Sports Hub should let the pedestrians wear out foot paths first before creating those paths. Similarly, let the cyclists show the favourite parking spots before installing the racks.