Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and Cycling - Jon Wong

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and Cycling
From Jon Wong 
In 2007 I was diagnosed to have high blood pressure at 150/90. In 2008 I was diagnosed by doctor I had symptoms of Diabetes type II. I was put on medication and controlled diet. Things did not get better due to work stress. I was sleepy at work and could not follow schedules at times. 
In 2010 I started taking up cycling seriously again, and cycled long distances and also MTB. My body weight reduced from 95kg down to 78kg linearly in a year, but still far from the 55kg donkey years ago (my target is 70kg). My BP maintained at 120/80 without medication, not bad for someone in late 40s. And my diabetes II reduced to marginal at 7.9 morning (ideally is below 7). Kidney functions remain ok.
Many Singaporeans suffer from HBP, and they are on generic 'affordable' medication. The truth is such medication, though cheap, could be a major cause of Kidney failures (these medications are poisons). That explains why Singapore has one of the highest Kidney failure rate in the world by statistics. If on HBP medication, have to go for the most expensive (lease side effects) and periodic renal function checks. 
Cycling has certainly reduced my BP to normal levels, and a big help on diabetes control. I know many of you are young and healthy, so continue to cycle to maintain your good health.

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