Sunday, December 19, 2010

Interesting bike cafe off the beaten path... in Singapore!

Wanted to share with u a nice place. Tucked in a quiet corner off Cross street is Life cycle. Started by Simon, he shared with me his inspiration.... Bike and lifestyle, a place where u can hang, pick up a nice read and have a coffee. There will be photography workshops in the evening where folks can share their stuff and meet like minded people.  The cafe portion will be up by middle Jan and things are started to come into place. 
I was there yesterday where Simon, the nuclear power bunny was doing 300 hundred things at the same time... and still smiling! This must be a hell lot of effort...When I asked how he gets the energy.. he just says.."when u are passionate about stuff.. u will find time and energy...the most sleep less lor.." smiling and then turning around to fix the fridge. Man, this guy is really driven!

Come see Simon in action and his wonderful bike cafe - Life-cycle. Address: 18 Gemmill Lane Singapore 069255  To more great experiences! Simon-- Steady man, rocking!

More photos here
Shop front
nice interior
retro bike tees..I like

Simon showing how to fold Brompton
Sharing his concept store ideas


  1. looks very boutique like & attas shop!

  2. hello Matt. hmm... the shop sells alot of "designerish" stuff....but I think this is not his fault as there is really no "heartlander" stuff which can be sold. If u have ideas how can make it more interesting, go talk to him... he is quite open to ideas.

  3. Is Brompton sold here? Thought Diginexx is the exclusive distributor?

  4. just been there. love the place! has lots of cool stuff for sale.

  5. He is very hospitable, explaning to us his concepts and reason for opening a shop cum cafe. (Y)!

  6. cool! you have the email or website? can't find online

  7. look at my Facebook for Simon Siah... tha's the owner!