Sunday, May 15, 2011

Relaxing day by the beach picnic with friends

got to do this, even if it is a picnic...haha.. 
Kim's lovely spicy curry chicken...just like old times
Life can be simple and fun. Today 27 friends, families, children met at Pasir ris park to have a picnic. Each brought something.. and goosh it was like a buffet spread. We got Curry chicken, Curry puff(thanks Adi who came by to drop off the curry puffs even though he couldnt make it!), Jelly, baked marcoroni, muffins and lots more.  To make things more interesting, Seh shuan demonstrated his outdoorsy cooking skills... and it tastes not bad!
check out the buffet spread!     Photo credits Stewart Ong

"Steady, mai kang chong:... look pro, they will believe" Seh Shuan thought bubbles 

chill and relax
Diane, Angel and Tiger with choco... 
Not much riding today but more of a get together, relaxed and chat. The children had a field day zipping their bikes around the park while the parents rode closely with them. For many, I think this is a much appreciated bonding time between child and parents. I remember when I was young and my parents brought me to the beach where we just run around and played with sand. Food was just curry and meehoon..but still we enjoyed it alot.  When I looked today, I was really happy because I see the kids playing, smiling and running around. Kids being kids...  And the folks chatting away... :) In a modern day context where everything is so busy and is really nice to just enjoy a simple day with friends.  Try it some day.What are other more memorable experiences u have? Pls share with me so I can come up with more cool rides..

More photos

From Simon 

From Stewart
off to the play ground!     Photo credits Simon Siah

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