Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ride around Bukit Batok, CCK and Pengsua 8th May 2011

Lovecycling at little Guilin...   photo credit Francis Chu
Always get lost around Bukit Batok, don't know why but I do... so I was very glad this sunday ride was led by Steven, Bernice and Ahmad who knows the area inside out.  So here is the route we took...
The route we took, compliments of Steve
Steve briefing the group before we ride off... 
glorious morning sun... 

This is Little Guilin... right at Bukit Batok... Beautiful place
   We met at Bukit Batok MRT at 0730 and about 16 riders joined up... which is amazing given that we just had a very very exciting General Election yesterday...  Sooo glad to have "Teo chew muay" to eat still..haha..  Ok, back to bicycles... the weather was nice and morning sun bathing us in glorious golden rays,  as we rode along the park connector...I mentioned to Francis..."there is no way I can find this place with out the local goats... it is so beautiful.."  
let's ride!
One spot which I like very much is after Chua chu kang turn off, Peng sua PCN. It is a tricky turn off, which all rider will miss... and the place is totally under utilsed.... but it also means we have the PCN totally to ourselves. Double interesting was the small slopes which made every one work hard...

Francis cheering Elynn on...
Steven with Ipad 2 giving real time ride report
  .. I love this route and we should do this again. Perhaps the next time, we will stop at the old ford museum for some local history too..what say u?  Lastly, Many thanks to Steve, Bernice for the recce and making this ride so interesting and enjoyable!
This is the place I want to go next time..
Riding around Bukit Panjang
more photos here


  1. yes, love the pang sua PCN :)

  2. Why do people in group shots collectively raise their arms in one direction? Also in previous blog entry.

  3. It started from me doing funny poses and it kind of stuck with the now it is the lovecycling "official" pose