Monday, May 2, 2011

Dragon Kiln ride in Paul's memory 1st May 2011

Prayers for our Friend,  fellow rider Paul Lim - photo credits Francis Chu
Lovecyclingsg at Thong Kwang Kiln
Happy Birthday Tiger!
The show must go on. Despite the sad news of our fellow rider Paul Lim passing on Sat, I know he would want us to continue the ride.  This time, we met at Lakeside MRT at 0730. A total of 36 riders came and dedicated this ride to Paul. The weather was excellent... it drizzled slightly as we started the ride around Jurong lake. We had a stop near Jurong point Mac donald's and then it was off  towards the highlight of the ride - The Thow Kwang dragon Kiln off lorong Tawas. We travelled about 500 meters offroad, muddy and slippery...and found this beautiful place, hidden from public view.
This is what u will see... when u reached the place
Mr Tan, 2nd Gen owner of the Dragon Kiln explaining the details

Steven,  resident Artist doing a demo... 
Mr Tan who was the 2nd generation owner, shared with the group on the layout of the Kiln and how it was operated. Sadly we missed the Kiln firing and apparently they only do this 2 times a year. This is due to the fact that they have to fill up the kiln with pottery and it cost alot to do the firing.  We were allowed to go near to the kiln, inside the kiln to appreciate the beauty and rawness of the whole setup. Also saw some really nice pottery which was recently fired, right here in Singapore. Steven, the resident artist also demoed for the group on the clay wheel and how clay can be made into beautiful objects... using just hands. Simple to look but definitely alot of skill there.

Hammer time! Zack looking worried
Francis and Andrew  digging themselves out of trouble   photo credit Francis Chu
Mr Tan and Mdm Tia with a recently fired creation. Look at the lovely glaze!

Another lovely suprise is meeting Mdm Tia and her friend Carolyn there. Mdm Tia is a avid potter and also does beautiful hand sketches and is also one of the leaders in Urban sketchers . If anyone wants to find her, she will be at the Dragon Kiln on the weekends... drop by, see, admire and say hello. And please do visit this place... because according to Mr Tan, the owner of the Thow kwang Dragon kiln - the whole area is facing relocation. This means many of the serene surroundings and stuff will be gone in the end of the year...  go visit it quick!
We conquered the NTU slopes!
After the Dragon Kiln and saying good by to the fine people, we headed to NTU to try out the fabled slopes. Huffing and puffing, the whole team made their way across the hilly terrain. We then retraced our route back to Lakeside MRT. Talking to Liak's Dad as the ride ended, I could see he enjoyed it alot like many others. This is great, we will do this soon again! Keep on spinning!
More photos here 

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