Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye Paul, RIP, I will miss u!

Paul, the legend and super nice guy. I met him several times on sunday rides and the last being the HP alumni Japan Charity ride. Where I had an honor to try his moulton and we chatted along the ride.... and there and then I made the decision to buy one... was so looking forward to show a surprise.... 
But today morning...Paul was sitting in a Van and was rear-ended by a car driven by a drunk driver this at ECP. He has sadly passed on.... His wake will be held tomorrow, 1st May, Blk 14 Toh Yi Drive 8.30pm.  Funeral is on Wednesday. My sincere condolences to his family...let's do what ever we can help for his family. 
Update on what happened on the fateful day

Dear Paul, thank you for ur wonderful chats on Moultons and bicycles. Your laughter and crazy ideas will be missed by all. I wished I had met you earlier, experienced your legendary hill climbs and see u spin on a Carryme, smoking a Dahon speedpro. Watch out for us fellow cycling kakis and I will always remember you sir! 

Paul the legend

Paul and his orange Moulton

2nd from left is Paul, with his riding kakis , Terence, Daniel, Gibson and Thomas 


  1. this is so sad ..... for everyone, his cycling buddies, his family, his work collegues, everyone that came into contact with him.


  2. It is a shame that a good life is taken away by such an accident. RIP

  3. @Leone and YSL, indeed... life is so fragile and transient. Learn to treasure those around you before it is too late.

  4. 安息吧,保罗。 Team Speedhorns will remember you forever...

  5. I've had many rides with Paul and he is clearly one very strong and passionate cyclist. All of us who knew him admire him for his simple and sincere heart. His life was taken away by one very irresponsbile drunk driver and this should never have happened at all!

    He invited me for the Sedili ride today and I pulled out at the last minute. I am shocked and deeply saddened at this tragedy. Our hearts go out to his wife Sandra and his two boys.

    Paul, we will meet again soon and will continue flying the small wheel flag for you!

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