Friday, April 29, 2011

Clarence, Gentle giant who loves to ride!

Gentle giant, looks fierce but actually very nice and helpful. This sums up Clarence for u. We met on the first Kranji ride and I guess he must think I was nuts to ride under the pouring rain... 
One of the regular riders on the lovecycling sunday rides, Clarence can be seen, hear in his MTB and techno music blaring away....  He is also one of the unsung heros who took their personal time to do a recce to Desaru /Pengarang, making sure it was all doable and finding out the nice spots to stop and eat. Thank you Clarence for the extra mile and efforts! 

Hong and Clarence at Pulau Ubin 
Clarence leading the flock at Alexandra PCN for the World water way day
chugging along... dun worry I block the wind!

Clarence performing water aerobics!