Saturday, April 2, 2011

Darren's foldie

I know riding makes me happy.  When we ride, barriers are opened up and people talk like people do. Therefore, I am glad that we are starting a "mini-revolution" at my office, changing people perception to bikes....esp  folding bikes.  Darren who recently joined the company finally decided that he wanted to ride to work. He tried the Dahon, Flamingo, Brompton, Carrymes folding bicycles and what have u not... 
After a week of thinking ... he went ahead and bought one....His choice of ride is the Flamingo London. Yes, the controversial Brompton-ish Flamingo model. Priced very attractively.... It features 7 speed IGH,griptwist shifter and together with Doc air seat makes for a very comfortable ride. No it is not a brompton... and does it matter?  What do u think he should have got? Anyway, it is going to be interesting at lunch time... we can now ride to many other places! 
Darren's Flamingo at office parking... :) 
3 is a crowd....not!
cushy Doc aire seat... 


  1. The 7 speed IGH is v interesting indeed. I love IGH! How much will this cost compared to the Brompton?

  2. buy 2 for 1 six speed brommie...

  3. i really liked that bike until i realized that the bars were too high for me. much higher than the standard brompton with m bars. :( but no worries, i wouldn't trade my bike for that. too attached to my green brommie now hehe

  4. Ah, Tai Woon, I feel honoured to be "featured" in your blog. Thanks.
    Honestly, (don't know if you saw it), deciding on a bike was extremely tough for me. There are SO MANY great foldies out there. The Bike Friday Tikit was really attractive; the ride feel is the right feel! The MU-P8 rides very well too, so did the Hammerhead.
    What did me in for the Flamingo London was first, its (copied) folding method, and second, the price. I might end up with a Brommie some time in the future, but for now, as my first forage into foldies, I'm taking it easy on the wallet. By my standards, this bike-buy was pretty impulsive. So I'm glad I managed to stick to my guns and my budget. Why do you think I refused to test-ride the Tikit again, on the day I bought my Flamingo? ;-)

  5. @Darren, it is going to be a long and slippery road from here.. The tikit and brompton is still calling out for u!lol!

  6. TW, you're too evil! You know I kena zapped by the Tikit and the Brompton. They will have to wait lah... Let me enjoy my London ok? :-)

  7. Hey Darren I google foldie and your blog came up, and then followed by the rest of Taiwoon's stuff. You guys are hot stuff man LOL.
    Chris Lim

  8. Hi Darren. My strida just got in and i'm joining the OCBC cycle under the foldie category. Do you know if there is a big foldie community in singapore and how I can get in contact with them? i would like to meet some likeminded folks and join them in training. Please let me know via email:)

  9. Hi Violanne.

    So sorry that nobody responded to you. Perhaps, you may like to consider joining Lovecysingsg Group. A lot of our members own folding bikes. Visit