Friday, April 22, 2011

Eddie and Family

Eddie, Sandy, with their boys Marcus and Kenneth
    A family that plays together, stays together. Eddie, Sandy, Marcus and Kenneth is a very cool example of this mantra. I first met them at the first Kranji ride in dramatic conditions. It literally poured just before the start of the ride.. "Erh, maybe u like to wait it out or do this next time" I suggested to Eddie. But the garang family followed me in the rain all through out the ride.... it was amazing to see the boys in action and mummy in tow.  Here are some shots of them in action... Keep on spinning!
Marcus on his Giant MTB,  our future SG National rider in the making
"mummy, u alright?" 

"I am ok!"
"not so fast!!!! Huff and puff... I will chase u all down.... "
Eddie zipping along ... "man man lai" = slowly but surely


  1. Are those adults wearing arm coolers or arm warmers: guessing arm coolers with UV protection. If so, why don’t the kids need them?

  2. I think there are no kids size..