Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There's something about Mary

Mary aka Ang Kau Neng  with her Dahon Toughfy  
Mary Ang, one of lovecycling Charlie Angels. Always dressed impeccably, with matching shoes and sun glasses.
However, don't let her appearance fool u...Mary is one hell of a good rider. She recently completed NTU 128km ride and does trekking in her free time. She alternates between a  Brompton P apple green 6 speed and a Dahon D7 souped up with the latest Sram and  kinetic pro wheels - very bling and fast!
Carrying load, especially on the brompton is very easy. Mary uses the standard brompton T bag which swallows all her barang barang(stuff) like a bottomless pit. The bag is also mounted very low on the front and does not affect handling. 
Very friendly rider, passionate advocate of cycling and also one of the regular feature in our Sunday rides. Come on by someday and say hello to our Queen!

 Stylo milo queen, matching acessories right down to the shoelaces!! yeah!

Riding her Brompton in a light drizzle with a fluorescent bag cover 
Can't miss who this Brompton belongs to..
I got toolkit, patch kit, and many many more.... 
Sunblock, moisturiser , wetwipes and my bear bear key fob


  1. Thks TaiWoon ... Wow, I am speechless !!

    This song for you ... Enjoy !!

    There's Something About Mary (Build Me Up Buttercup )

  2. Mary... Glad u like it and ur favorite music attached too!

  3. Nice. May I know what handle grip are you using on you Dahon P7? Look great!

  4.'s me the 20kph cyclist !